CCC Website Launch

It has been a long time coming! For years we have kept our feet on the ground, phones on, and sitting face to face with our clients.  We have used everything from email to text message to help assist with communications for transactions.  With many of states loosening up and legalizing the use of medical marijuana cannabis, our team feels like it’s time to become transparent and join the online community.  We are currently experiencing a great renaissance in history, that which the public is experiencing more choices in natural medical treatments.  Those that suffer from physical and mental ailments won’t be subjected to taking medication that can harm or damage living organs, and will be free to choose without the taboo of society.  Our country used to use cannabis for many things, and a great industry used to exist, the time is now for anyone that cares to get out and help the movement.

During this crucial time, knowledgeable guidance is needed to make successful decisions for both independent investors and organizations.  Charles Baragiola and his team at Canna Commercial Corp have pioneered business transactions processes and evaluations.  We have acted as commercial consultants for transactions on average in the millions.  We know our knowledge and experience can help guide you in the right direction, and we feel it’s important to shed light on all our services and offerings.

Starting from the dawn of the first medical marijuana facilities here in California, Charles and his CCC team have taken part in some of the first commercial transactions.  Since then Charles and his team have increased their portfolio of services to meet the demand of the market.  From commercial realty needs to local government consulting, CCC has succeeded in hundreds of transactions.

Please click around our new site and get to know us a bit.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or fill out our contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you!